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In Balance Health empowers individuals to improve their wellness through an embodied, therapeutic approach to yoga. In Balance Health is committed to sharing the integrative practices of yoga to live more connected, vibrant, and emotionally balanced lives.

My Approach To Yoga

I am a certified yoga therapist and instructor offering individualized therapy sessions and yoga classes to meet your health needs. I have a particular specialization in working with nervous system regulation and the vagus nerve to support individuals dealing with emotional imbalance and stress-related disorders.

I passionately believe in a full body approach to health and wellness. Through yoga, we can honor the interconnected nature of the physical body, emotional body, mind body, and spiritual body to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the whole self. When working with individuals who experience emotional imbalance, I use somatic approaches for meaningful shift and change. 

When teaching yoga classes, my philosophy is you know your body best. I offer an atmosphere of listening to your body and honoring your limitations. This is what helps you practice safely.

I teach an embodied and therapeutic approach to yoga where the goal is to follow what feels natural in your body. Together, we explore certain shapes in the body as a “starting place” for movement. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do any shape.

Yoga means union. Union of heart and mind. Union of body and breath. Union of attention and intention. Together through these practices, you have an opportunity to connect to your strength, find a sense of balance, and heal from within.

About Renee B.Sc., RYT, C-IAYT

Renée is a certified yoga therapist and instructor. She has 20 years experience working with individuals in a clinical setting and with this experience she has come to realize in order to truly serve people in their journey towards health and healing, the whole person needs to be considered–body, mind, emotions & spirit, and her yoga teachings reflect this integrated model of health.

More about Renee…

“I have been happy with every class, love the garden studio, Renee is the best! I always have a great experience. Every class is slightly different and engaging. I feel happier and stronger since starting classes. Renée has a wealth of knowledge and is a wonderful instructor!”

-Ann M.

“As someone who never enjoyed yoga in the past, I find Renee’s classes very warm, inviting, relaxing, and less intimidating. This allows me to learn and enjoy the classes much more than I do at other studios.”

-Alex D

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