A Letter of Invitation

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A Letter of Invitation

As practitioners of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PYRT) we are always playing with just the “right words” to describe what it is we do to capture interest. Anyone who has experienced a session knows how truly unique and powerful PRYT can be. As I was completing the training I was so excited about diving into the work and sharing it with the world, but I soon realized that trying to explain to potential clients with words an experiential process would take some careful thought. I think this is why I’ve chosen to blog about it. Today I offer you a letter of invitation. An invitation to get you curious, and hopefully peak your interest to give it a try:

Dear Reader,

It seems as though yoga’s popularity continues to grow as many of us recognize our need to slow down and connect inwards. I write to you with an offer to try something truly unique that takes this “journey within” a step further. I offer one-on-one yoga therapy, but let me clarify that the “therapy” I am referring to does not mean fixing or healing some ailment. Rather, what I do promotes self-discovery, empowerment and clarification in your life. Combining hands on assisting of yoga postures and active listening, it offers people the opportunity to explore and heal their minds and bodies as one.

Picture a large comfortable mat that sits on the ground in a quiet, private setting. The appointment begins with the practitioner guiding you through a verbal check-in to bring your focus inwards, away from the distractions of daily life. Then, very gently, you will be moved and supported through stretches and yoga postures on the mat. Simple verbal cues will be given to you to help you remain present to your experiences and clarify what you are noticing in your body. The practitioners’ role is to be 100% present to you; we carry no agenda or formula. Each session is unique in its flow as it is directed purely by listening to what your body and words are saying from moment to moment. The intent is to give you the opportunity to connect inwards and gain insight from your body, and then relate this back to daily life. For many, the experience of being physically supported through movement and remaining present to their inner selves can be a very cathartic and relaxing.

 The notion that we can’t change what we are not aware of applies here. In this therapy, it is believed that our bodies store memory and information that our busy minds sometimes prevent us from accessing. Consider a situation where you’ve been carrying a lot of stress and your body has been reacting to the stress, but mentally you need to push through. In the yoga therapy session your attention will be guided into your body, into the present moment, and your awareness will land on what’s calling your attention. Perhaps you notice a tension pain in your shoulders and a knot in your belly. From this awareness, you make the connection that you have not had a chance to stretch or take a deep breath for weeks and you realize your pain is directly related to the way your body adapts to stress. It points out how, just because your mind didn’t register the pain in your shoulders (or you choose to suppress this signal), it didn’t mean it wasn’t happening in your body. And this embodiment of experience can range from the relatively benign, like in this example, to the more serious. Only through connecting with our inner selves can we gain this insight and help ourselves.

If you have ever felt that sense of running on overdrive, being stuck in rut, or you simply need some quiet time to defrag and relax, these are signals from your body that a detour from the 21st Century lifestyle would be good for you. Whatever the call of health your body is using to signal internal discord, the clarity gained from a yoga therapy session can facilitate the awareness of your body and connect it to your life for more productive and fulfilling living. It’s called Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Would you be interested in giving it a try?

Gratitude ~ Renee

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